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DUI/DWI Defense

Fighting Back Against DUI/DWI Charges

Drunk driving offenses are taken very seriously in Connecticut and penalties can be severe. For repeat offenders, they increase dramatically. With so much on the line, be sure that you have an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side.
DWI cases can be very complex with many factors that can be argued in your defense. We have helped countless clients who were facing drunk driving charges. We have extensive experience in these matters, and we will work tirelessly to reach the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Contact us today to meet with a skilled DUI defense attorney.

Offering Extensive Experience In DUI/DWI Defense

DUI defense attorney David Kelly has substantial criminal defense experience representing individuals facing first-time and repeat charges. He will apply his years of experience and legal knowledge to protect your legal rights with an effective defense strategy. Mr. Kelly is committed to seizing any opportunity possible to have the charges against you dismissed based on an illegal search and seizure or any other violations of your constitutional rights. He will look at every aspect of your case in order to build the strongest defense possible. Part of his defense strategy includes determining the following:

Was the traffic stop legal?

Were the breath tests and field sobriety tests administered properly?Was the equipment used to measure your blood alcohol level accurate?Were the people who administered the tests properly trained?Defense attorney Kelly will fight for the charges to be dismissed or greatly reduced based on any violations of your constitutional rights or procedural errors made by law enforcement. If dismissal is not an option and trial seems too risky, he will do everything he can to negotiate the best available plea on your behalf.

Defending Against Underage Drinking Charges

If your child is accused of underage drinking, enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney who understands the legal procedures of a juvenile criminal case. Attorney Kelly knows that an underage DUI charge could haunt your child well into the future. He will take the right steps to develop a strong defense strategy. Attorney Kelly is also a skilled negotiator. If a conviction is unavoidable, he will take every opportunity possible to work with the prosecution in reaching a favorable resolution.

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