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Felony And Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Seeking The Best Outcome In Felony And Misdemeanor Drug Charges

State and federal authorities spend considerable time and resources pursuing misdemeanor and felony drug charges. The penalties for these crimes are based on quantity of the narcotics and any intent to traffic, distribute and sell. Convictions bring life-changing penalties. If you are under investigation for a drug offense, do not gamble away your future with an inexperienced defense attorney.
We have the skills and tenacity to help level the playing field against. We don't dabble in criminal defense, we own it. Defense attorney David Kelly has substantial experience representing clients facing felony and misdemeanor drug charges. He knows the right steps to take to develop an aggressive defense focused on uncovering any false statements or contradictory evidence obtained against you. When experience matters, contact the best, Spellman, Kelly & Fanous.

Experienced Felony And Misdemeanor Defense

We understand the nuances of a drug charge. The quantity of drugs in question and their intended use could be the difference between a misdemeanor and felony charge. Prosecutors have been known to pursue felony charges for misdemeanor-level offenses. Attorney David Kelly is a fierce defender of individuals' constitutional rights. He will conduct a thorough investigation into charges including:
  • Illegal possession of OxyContin and other prescription drugs
  • Intent to sell cocaine, heroin and meth
  • Manufacturing and cultivation of marijuana
  • Distribution of illegal substances
We will fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges, if law enforcement inflated the drug charges. We evaluate every angle to determine if law enforcement made any procedural errors or violated your constitutional rights. If law enforcement acted without a proper search warrant, or conducted an illegal search and seizure, we will fight for dismissal of charges.
Attorney Kelly will conduct a thorough investigation on testimony from a snitch under protection from law enforcement, and cast doubt on the credibility of that story. We will pursue every angle possible to defend your constitutional rights. If a conviction becomes unavoidable, we will do everything in our power to negotiate for a lower sentence in exchange for community service or treatment in a drug rehabilitation program.

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